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In order to personify the creature I am creating, I chose to break his characteristics down and create a brief biography for him, without doing so, I would will have little sense of how they should act and react to what is happening around them in any given scene (Chapman, 2017). This would also help me to create a character that has depth, and can be transcribed into different environments without changing his personality.

Name: Unknown.
Age: 1000+
Gender: Male
Personality Traits: Shy, quiet and gentle.
Likes: Peaceful scenes. He like to people watch and watch the world pass by.
Dislikes: He doesn’t like to attract the attention of people he doesn’t quite trust.
Where do they live?: Currently, this creature is wandering the earth looking for other like him, with no specific home. During his quest, he blends into his surroundings in order to avoid detection from unwanted people in fear of being misunderstood.
Where are they from?: This creature was created on earth but animated by an unknown entity.

He is large and stocky with the ability to change the colour and appearance of his skin to match his surroundings. His eyes are hollow and he doesn’t appear to have any other features to his face. His large size often has people mistake him to be dangerous, however he is extremely gentle natured. He doesn’t speak any language known to men on earth, and appears to communicate through deep and soft purring and cooing.




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