Project Outline

The aim of this semester A project is to attract employment as a CG generalist. As a vehicle in which to do this, I am going to create a 1 minute and 20 second proof of concept trailer that uses all my CG generalist skills. As a thematic drive for the project, I am going to design and create a fantasy creature that can evolve and blend into its surroundings and place them in different environments. The reason for this environmental change is to celebrate and motivate different texture painting tech and 3D modelling workflows to help signify narrative change.

I will be designing a mythological creature from scratch, creating the design in a 3D modelling software and altering its textures and pigments. The theme of this project will enable me to extract as much as I can from appropriate software, expanding my basic knowledge. The creature will be designed on paper and recreated as a 3D model which can be placed into different environments, these environments may include a desert, a woodland area, underwater, or even outer space, and each example will be texture painted in isolation from the rest, with the model remaining familiar. The final format of this project will be a 1 minute and 20 second proof of concept trailer. It will include my final designs in photorealistic environments as either images or short clips.

To showcase this brief, I have chosen for it to be assessed under the methodology of assessment strand 2. This strand is almost equally based on the production of a portfolio of work as the final project its self. Because my work will require several experiments before the final outcome can be produced, it seemed appropriate to show the final outcome with trials and errors I face during the production.

I intend to aim this project towards potential employers. My key interest in this industry is split equally into 3D modelling and texture painting, therefore I hope to attract the attention of people within the CG generalist employment spectrum, with people who focus on either the modelling or texture painting of assets separately still seeing my potential.

Having only briefly worked in engines such as Blender and Substance painter, this project will heavily expand my knowledge within both these two softwares and other similar software that may become more appropriate for the project. Not only will my technical skills be tested, but I will need to blueprint both the shape and features of this creature and design different types of appearances, forcing me to think creatively and strive for originality.


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